Sunday, September 30, 2012

Went for nice ride today. Damn the allergies!
Went on some of my favorite roads south west of Mooresville.  Observatory road is still a bit sandy in places. But since I have done very little riding this year, I was unaware that the DOT had done a chip and seal on Goat Hollow road. It has been long enough since it was done that I didn't notice it right away. The 2 tire groves are smooth. But, when I crossed the middle, the instant squirm alerted me. That got the ticker a thumping! It got worse the farther that I went, with gravel strewn across a lot of the curves. Marking that road off the list until spring.

I went up Lower Patton Road for the first time this year. The steep uphill was crumbling last year so I was cautious as I approached. Woohoo! They recently repaved it. I was able to get on it and enjoy the steep uphill curve. :-)

I remounted my MRA xshield blade to a single pivot. This puts it in a better position to block wind better. It is a good product.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Expanded Purpose of This Blog

I have decided to expand the purpose of this blog.  It will no longer just be about rides in Indiana, but about anything to do with riding.  The focus will be riding IN Indiana, but anything of motorcycling interest is fair game. 
Hopefully it will be a little more active this way.  
I have not been on many longer rides this year do to some health issues and work issues.  Things are looking better now, so I will start sharing topics soon.
I sold my DR 650 last year an purchased a 2008 Kawasaki Versys. I have added Givi bags, fender extender, Storm hand guards and a MRA windshield blade.  Hopefully I will be out on some longer rides soon!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Southern Indiana Dual Sport Figure 8

Here is a nice figure 8 journey through south central Indiana.  It starts in Martinsville and goes through Morgan-Monroe forest on a bit of a rough road, but any bike could make it through to the good roads.  I stopped at a cross road and had a staring contest with a young deer. He wouldn't move until I revved the engine. Then it goes down by Lake Lemon.  Then down my favorite stretch of twisty SR 45.  It cuts down Brummets creek to SR 46.
You end up in Nashville then over to Salt Creek and Gatesville road.  Finally you hook back up on SR 45 at Bean Blossom. Then when you finally hit Bear Creek and Bear Lake roads you are on all gravel. Some of it is through a little piece of Yellow Wood state forest. And eventually back at Martinsville.
As usual, I was so busy enjoying the ride, I didn't take any pictures.

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